This weekend, we headed to Bethany Beach, DE to help Dave’s dad with some remodeling. Once Hailey heard we were going to the beach…it was all over. Despite our telling her that it was still going to be winter weather, she insisted on packing shorts, tank tops, and a bathing suit. I was able to convince Hailey to pack something warmer, which to her meant a t-shirt. Those of you that are in shock of my letting her pack such things clearly don’t have a pre-teen under your roof.

After much pleading, I reluctantly agreed to take Hailey to the beach…all suited up and ready for a romp in the waves. You’ll notice Ella is a bit more sensibly dressed.

Bethany-1She made it to the water’s edge, but not much further!
Bethany-2Even though it wasn’t our warmest trip to Bethany, we did get a beautiful sunset over the salt pond.

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