We got to Boston Sunday night and immediately headed for dinner. Hailey suggested the sushi place across the street. Holy. Cow. It was amazing. And by the next day, I didn’t feel bad about downing those rolls. We have been walking, almost non-stop, since then.

We started out Monday morning heading across the bridge into Cambridge.


That’s when the walking really started. The flowers of boston are officially in bloom…especially hydrangea which we love!

Boston 002


After breakfast, we headed over to Harvard. The girls wanted to see where Elle Woods and Bruiser went to law school. =)



And then we walked around some more. We had our first exhausted collapse at this point.



So we hit our first stop at Pinkberry, and then Dave agreed to get us tickets to the MTA so we could give our tootsies a little break! I’ve been signing “Charlie on the MTA” since we got to Boston. There’s even some dancing.



Our next stop was a tour of Fenway Park. While trying to buy things in the gift shop, Dave told the girls that they would not be allowed back in the house with any Red Sox paraphernalia.



Day two took us down the Freedom Trail! After some explaining what exactly it was, and showing them the cute little brick line in the road to follow, the girls were on board. The first stop was Boston Common and Public Gardens. We came across some adorable ducklings (I think there were about 15 in total) before coming across the duck statue. We absolutely loved this part and wandered around for about two hours.



Our next stop on the Freedom Trail was Granary Burial Ground where many famous colonials are burred including: John Hancock, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, Crispus Attucks, Mother Goose, and Dave’s family…the Bostonian Franklins. The headstones were quite intricate and beautiful. Very impressive cemetary.



We went by the State House, saw the sight of the Boston Massacre, and had lunch in the Faneuil Hall area…which I loved. I could have spend a few more hours there poking around the shops. Then we continued down the Freedom Trail to Paul Revere’s House and The Old North Church.



Our last stop along the Freedom Trail before heading out to dinner was the USS Constitution.



We then went back to Harvard Square to meet up with my friend Lynsey for dinner. It was so good catching up! And of course, we had to stop at Pinkberry again for desert!



We headed over to Cheers to end the evening. where we ran across some Pedicabs that offered to show us around Boston at night. If you’ve never done it…go. We had a blast!



We are officially headed off to Martha’s Vineyard. See you in a few!


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